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A modern social network using cloud native technology based on OpenFaaS

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Speeds up development

We did most of the heavy lifting for you to provide a social at the edge of software technology with all the features you need from cloud solutions at scale to AI solutions.


Respect cultures

We provided the features like moderator to customize services based on different cultures. We believe that world is colorful in the differences. We provided the smart methods to our missions to create high privacy environment for users.


Easy to develop and maintain

We provided microservice architecture with domain driven design boost team development and reduce the changes cost. Also based on OpenFaaS cloud you have automated CI/CD, all you need is changing and pushing you project to your Github repository.

Telar CLI made Telar Social setup easy with automatic installation

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Complete solutions for Social Media, at the edge of technology

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Written in Golang

Written Golang

Microservices are wtitten in Golang to have concurrency, simplicity and consistency for higher performance.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Smart solution at enterprise scale based on AI/ML technologies.

Microservice Architecture

Microservice Architecture

Easier to build and maintain, organized around business capabilities, improved productivity and speed, flexibility in using technologies and scalability, team flexibility based on small groups.

Microservice Architecture


Support realtime data syncing frontend and backend.


Running on Cloud

Running anywhere on private/public cloud.



Schema less. Deep query-ability.Structure of a single object is clear.Index on any attribute.Fast in-place updates.


OpenFaaS Framework

Telar Social media built based on OpenFaaS framework.Avoid lock-in through the use of Docker. Run on any public or private cloud.Build both microservices & functions in any language. Legacy code and binaries.Auto-scale for demand or to zero when idle.



Building modern web app. It facilitates the overall process of writing components. It boosts productivity and facilitates further maintenance.It ensures faster rendering .It guarantees stable code.



High Availability.Reducing resource costs.Ease-of-use and portability.Scalability and modularity.

Supporting Enterprise Solutions

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The Telar Social Enterprise including professional support, AI solutions and cloud solutions.
  • Pub/Sub Function Communication
  • Asynchronous service-to-service communication used in serverless and microservices whith high throughput/low latency
  • AI Moderation
  • Checking and verify the contents(text, image) based on community rules.
  • AI Recommendation
  • Recommendation for people, content, location..
  • AI Privacy
  • We know what you need, but we do not see your data
  • AI Personalization
  • Analyze user behavior, preferences, feedback, and characteristics to predict behavior and deliver unique, personalized experiences.
  • Advanced Search Engine(Elastic Search)
  • Search smarter and customized.
  • Big Data Analytics
  • The user information that is being collected on social networking platforms allows marketers to have a better understanding of the customer behavior, target audience groups and engagement.
  • Support
  • High priority support if you need.
  • And more...

This is a start!

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